Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Season Begins To Wind Down

I've been keeping track of the weather at our house and comparing it to the weather they say that is hitting Hillsboro.  Cold, wet and more cold.  Which is good for some plants but not for others.  Andy tells me that lots of the green stuff has frozen out.  Broccoli and cauliflower are gone.  But there is still some lettuce growing in the greenhouse.  Thanks heavens the greenhouse was able to be rebuilt after the storm a few years ago.  Even the plants in the greenhouse are only producing at half.  So our boxes will have a little something extra that Andy and Lizzie will pack in which is surplus canned goods.

The pond digging project at John and Anna's farm is almost finished.  If they are adding right, it should hold about 300,000 gallons of water which is more that Cedarmore ever used in a year.  The next step will be to make sure that it seals up and holds water.  To do this the plan is to fence it off and turn in some pigs.  The pigs' job is to get in there and wallow in the mud, which seals it up.  This is something that all pigs enjoy.  They are hoping it works out well.

My kids will be excited to see a jar of strawberry jam in their stockings on Christmas morning.  The literally fight over it.  Sometimes I even find it hidden in places you would never think of.  It is some really good stuff.

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