Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Not A Banner Day For Me

Today is the last Tuesday CSA delivery for the season.  Because of conditions out of Andy's control the boxes are 'rather scanty' Andy's words!  Love that!  He always apologizes when the boxes are not up to his high standard.  He only wants a good quality and a good quantity in our boxes.  Like he ways 'you can't control the weather' he sends the best of what he has.  Sometimes even dipping into the things that they have stored and put away for the winter.

He feels with everything that has happened this years things have gone well.  With he cooler summer is was hard to grow plants that are heat loving like sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes and melons.  There was plenty f moisture and some plants grew exceptionally well.  One crop was potatoes.  /they had a bumper crop of potatoes for sure.  I know that I can't use them fast enough.  But they will be good for the winter when I need to make some potato soup.

Here's the part of the newsletter that got to me.  I know it is coming but I till am having a hard time with it...As we all know Andy and Lizzie will not be running the CSA next year.  They are turning things over to John and Anna Zook (Andy's sister and husband).  I know they have mixes feeling about the move and they are sad.  But on the other hand it will be a good move for the family.  He hates that he has to say good bye to all of us (and I dislike it VERY strongly).  It is their hope that we will continue to support the CSA and John and Anna..  Andy promises that they will return to the area for visits during the coming year because they still have friends and family here.  They will be glad to be able to visit with other families in the community also.

They look forward to their MO adventures and I will look forward to their visits.  And I'm already planning to make a trip or two westward to visit with them.  I'm truly going to miss them all.  They are my little Amish family.  Cedarmore Farm is still going to be one of my happy places. 

Now to go and meet John, Anna, their right kids, and the new place for the CSA.  I'll be blogging soon.

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