Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's The Frist Week Of The Fall Share

If this is your first experience with the CSA...WELCOME!  I know that you are going to enjoy everything that you cook from all the goodness in our boxes during the Fall Share.

The red stemmed leafy green vegetable is Swiss chard.  If you have never had it you are in for a treat.  There are so many uses for it...use it in stir fries, soups, casseroles and even salads.  Be sure to check out Lizzie's Recipe of The Week.  The sweet potatoes are going strong.  Andy says that there will be a good harvest.  They really don't look like the sweet potatoes that you find in the grocery store but I can tell you they taste wonderful!  This could be our last bag of green beans with the weather turning cooler.  Andy promises to send them as long as he has them to offer.

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