Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Box Full Of All Kinds Of Greens

So far so good...cooler weather but no frost, yet.  Whenever frost does hit that will end the susceptible plants like tomatoes, beans, and peppers.  Andy will also need to cut the vines off the sweet potato plants.  The sweet potato itself grows underneath the soil surface and can take temperatures down to 20 degrees but you need to cut the vine off or the sweet potato will go bad.
The purple stems with green leaves is kale.  The bag of mixed greens is a mixture of mustard, mizuna, tatsoi, kale, arugula, pac choi, etc.  You can use them as salads or any other way that oyu fix and eat greens.  You can use these greens in making smoothies.  They jsut add ingredients as they go.  Using yogurt, cream, milk, a few bananas, maple syrup and /or stevia as a sweetner and a handful of kale or greens mix to round things off.  Try it, you miht like it.

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