Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Good Harvest

Time flies when you are having fun.  Or in our cases...having good vegetables.  It is hard to believe that we are already into the middle of September.  Following this week we only have two more weeks left in the share and then it is on to the Fall Share.  The fall crops are looking very well so Andy is hoping for a bountiful harvest.  There are still some Fall Shares available.  If you are interested please email Rue at  and he will get in touch with Andy and Lizzie at the farm.

I have never seen such a good looking box of vegetables.
More About The Growing Methods On The Farm
The chicken house (egg mobiles as Joe Salatin calls them) are built on wheels so that they can be moved from place to place in the field.  this allows the chickens to spread their own manure as they roam to eat grass, bugs, and old vegetable plants.  This is another way of building up the soil.
Cover crops are also an important part of building up the soil on Cedarmore.  A cover crop is basically a crop that is grown for its dense foliage.  After it matures the will wither plow or disc it into the soil.  It then decomposes into the soil and becomes food for the soil and the next crop.  In the hot of summer Andy uses buckwheat.  It can grow from a tiny sprout into a three foot tall crop of dense foliage in just three weeks.  In the winter they like to use rye because of its cold hardiness.  They also like to use tillage radishes because they root deeply into the soil and pull up minerals into the top part of the soil where they can be used by the vegetable crops.

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