Sunday, March 16, 2014

Around The House

The work never stops inside or outside around the farm.  Lizzie was really busy today with all sorts of tasks...

Today she started making two new coats for the boys...for next winter!  Her pattern was nothing more that a few pieces of butcher paper cut into the four main cut here, sew here lines, no darts, no indication lines of where the hooks and eyes were to go.  When I asked her how long it would take to make she said that it all depended on what else she had to do, so a few weeks.  She also said that her sister Kate could make them in a week. The boys were excited.

 While standing there talking she mixed up some bread recipe just a regular coffee cup as a measuring cup.  I went outside with Andy and when I came back in this is what I saw!  Going to get that recipe!
 I always ask what's new on the farm because there is always something they have been doing to make the farm a little easier to run.  So today the whole bunch took me back into the  little back room...can't remember what Lizzie calls it...and showed me the new sink with RUNNING WATER.
The red pump Andy got at auction and it is rain water used for doing dishes and things like that.  The sink I think someone gave them.  So now they have running water.  It comes from the well, gravity pulls it down the hill and into the sink.  The water is the best water you have ever tasted!  Lizzie said it will be wonderful not to have to fill buckets of water.  Their drinking water use to be stored in an orange cooler like football teams have on the sidelines.
If anyone reading this blog knows of someone or somewhere that we can get a metal two sided sink please let me know.  We have been looking for one for the farm to use when washing vegetables for the CSA boxes. 
The Martins haven't returned yet but I saw the first bluebird.  Andy thought it was a robin because it was so fat.  Hey, this English (half Amish) girl knows her birds!  He didn't believe me  when I said it was a blue bird so I had to show him the picture on the camera.  He just smiled.
I love the farm and how it makes me think about the things I do and say.  I appreciate the things I have that make my life easier.  But then I realize maybe I don't need so much stuff.  A simpler life...

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