Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gingebread House Construction

Anna was looking in a magazine and saw a picture of a gingerbread house. She has been begging Lizzie to make one. Lizzie gives me this mischievous grin...little did I know we would be making one from scratch. We usually make ours from a kit. Oh, but wait, I am visiting an Amish family...

Love that Lizzie keeps her cookbook in a large plastic bag.  And at the end of this experience I understand why!

According to directions we were to make five packages of the gingerbread dough.  Done!

Templates were next.

The kitchen was a little warm for the 'cement' on the house to set up so we decided to put it on the back porch summer kitchen to cool and set.  I love that wood burning stove.

We mixed up some thicker 'cement' and loaded up the roof.  Then added a few Mason jars for support. Lastly, Lizzie gave the kids each one cinnamon bear.  There are...The Andy's all lined up on the front of the house. And this is how you make an Amish Gingerbread House.
I wonder how long it took before they stated eating it?

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