Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cedarmore Farm CSA

Welcome to Cedarmore Farm CSA. All of the produce grown here at Cedarmore Farm is grown using organic methods. Cedarmore strongly believe that it all starts with the soil. They are determined to focus on building healthy soils in order to grow healthy plants. Healthy plants are just like healthy bodies, they are able to fight off disease and insects much better than unhealthy ones. By building healthy soils they are producing healthy plants, which produce healthy food, which is then consumed by healthy people.

When you buy into the CSA program you are buying a weekly share of produce that is grown  on the Cedarmore Farm in Hillsboro, Ohio. Your produce will be packed in half bushel boxes. The goal is to fill these boxes completely full. However, how full your box will be depends some on the weather and also on what is or is not in season. This will also determine what goes in your box. Basically they try to grow what their clientele is asking for and then they will fill your box according to what comes in season. It is like subscribing to a magazine. You don't know exactly what you'll get but hopefully you'll get enough of what you like to make it a good buy for you. They will also have baked goods, canned goods, and maple syrup available. They will send you information on these products whenever the season begins. You will be able to order these products by email and they will have them delivered to your pick up location along with your CSA box. Then at the end of each month they will bill you for these extra items. Baked goods will need to be ordered at least three days in advance.

If you are going to be out of town and are unable to pick up your box on a certain pick up date you can notify them ahead of time. They will skip your share that week and double your share the following week. You are allowed to do this up to three times during the 2011 season.

When you go to your pick up location to pick up your CSA box, eggs or whatever else you have to pick up, please take time to be sure to pick up your stuff and leave the other peoples stuff there. This can cause a lot of confusion and problems if you pick up the wrong stuff.

Please make a copy of your sign-up form before you send it in to them so that you have a record of everything. Also please hang on to the Baked and Canned Goods Sheet wheneveryou see itin your box.
If you have any questions, please email


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