Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Lost Another Week

I need to apologize again for not posting last Tuesday.  My mother-in-law passed away and we were with family in WV.  So this week there will be two postings...last weeks and this weeks.

Andy swears that work on the farm has slowed down but there still is so much to do, they are busier than ever. There are a number of work projects going on in the community and they try to help out where and when they can.  Two new houses are going up for families that have tight living quarters and need more space. A couple sheds are being built. One family is building a corn crib since their old one is no longer holding up.

 Probably the biggest project for them is the pond that’s being built on John and Anna Zook’s property. They are the ones that will be taking over our CSA next year. The pond will be for irrigating their crops next year and in the future. For the project they are using 2 slip scoops. Kind of like what Paul Bunyan would use only they don’t have “Babe” the big blue ox to hitch into! They use 3 teams of 4 horses each for a total of twelve horses. One team each for the slip scoops and a 3rd team for the plow. About 5-6 men are needed for handling the horses and equipment etc. The plow is used to loosen the ground . Then the slip scoops are used to scoop up the dirt and dump it out on the bank. We hope to have the project completed in three to four days. It takes a considerable amount of planning to have enough help lined up for each day. They have enough men and boys in the community to be able to rotate around and spread out the work load. Andy will give us an update on this project is finished.

 They are harvesting turnips for the first time this fall which is later than normal, but it looks like a good crop. You can use them in soups and salads or slice them and eat them on a sandwich. Broccoli is also coming on pretty good right now.

I have no picture to post but I hear there were plenty of great vegetable for a few dinners last week.

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