Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Great Day On The Farm

Today was a special day for me...not only did I get to visit  with Andy and Lizzie and the kids...I got to make some special delivery drop-offs.  The first was a scout project Michael was involved in thru the God and Family Emblem classes.  Each scout was to come up with a project...something to help someone in the community.  Well, our community stretched all the way to the Cedar Hill School in Hillsboro.  We collected everything from crayons and pencils to games and teacher aids...along with some money donations to donate to the school.  I stopped by Mark's Lowe's on the way to pick up a big box for the kids to have to play in.  And we found a little table and chairs for Anna and Dennis to sit in while they are doing their 'lessons'.  Anna was so excited.  I also took out two candy bar for the farm and one for Rue and Susan down the road.  And I took Lizzie some flower seeds.  It was like Christmas and I loved being the Santa step in.

Anna seems to always drive Lizzie crazy about when I should be there.  I try really hard to be on time but it seems that I am always a little late.  I'm working on that.  Anna greeted me with that big sweet smile.  I could feel the love.  She even had me a bag of corn cobs, because she just knew I would like them.  And I do.  Which I was thrilled with because we will use them to paint with.  When I said that Lizzie looked at me like I was crazy.  Well, that really isn't anything any different.

I had just finished reading a book, Growing Up Amish by Ira Wagler, and I had a million questions.  Andy and I have our own little book club.  He gave me two books in return to read...The Amish In Their Own Words writings complied by Brad Igou and Sunshine and Shadows Our Seven Years in Honduras by Joseph Stoll and Family.  And topping of my reading list is John A Hostetler's book, Amish Society.  If you are interested in learning about the Amish and their ways, please pick up these books.  They are each very interesting and contain lots of useful information.

A look across the field at the farm.

a field of garlic and the wind mill that pumps water from the well

Tomatoes are ready to go into the ground.

And this is where the tomatoes will being planted this week.  Andy will also have field tomatoes available.

When Lizzie was showing me around the greenhouse she informed me that there are male and female plants.  I am sure I have known this before but didn't remember it.  The plants with the vegetables are the female plants...which makes perfect sense...even to me.

Sweet little Anna works in the greenhouse with her Mom and Dad.  Somehow little seedlings get into a container and make their way to her little garden.  Covered with a row cover and then wood so the chickens couldn't get to the vegetables.

The rows are covered and 'cookin' in the sun.

We are counting down the days at our house until our first CSA box shows up on the front porch.  The first week of June seems like such a long way away.

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